Security Vulnerability Processes

Reporting a vulnerability

If you think you have found an Mbed TLS security vulnerability, then please send an email to the security team at For more information on the reporting and disclosure process, please see the security incident handling process. There are some caveats to that process when applied to Mbed TLS, as listed below:

  • Mbed TLS currently does not have any registered ESSes and so there is no primary embargo period.

  • Mbed TLS contains strong cryptography software and to comply with export control restrictions, must only distribute software publicly. As a result, security fixes cannot be shared privately with Trusted Stakeholders, although other vulnerability information can be.

  • The nature of Mbed TLS often means that security fixes reveal enough information for a skilled attacker to re-construct the originally reported exploit. This combined with the previous caveat means we often expect to have to withhold security fixes until the public disclosure date.

  • Mbed TLS is subject to a lot of scrutiny by security researchers who often have their own disclosure timelines when reporting vulnerabilities. As a result, the default 90 days public embargo period may often not apply.


Please see the security advisories page for a complete list of Mbed TLS security advisories.