Contributing to This Documentation

We gratefully accept contributions from the community.

As with any open source project, contributions will be reviewed by the project team and community and may need some modifications to be accepted.

The documentation in this repository only undergoes a light review. Please contribute any documentation that you think could be useful, even if it’s incomplete. We encourage quick, iterative improvements.

Making a Contribution

For quick merging, the contribution should be short, and concentrated on a single topic. The larger the contribution is, the longer it would take to review it and merge it.

All contributions are made under the Apache License 2.0.

  1. Fork the Mbed TLS documentation repository on GitHub to start making your changes.

  2. Ensure that each commit has at least one Signed-off-by: line from the committer. If anyone else contributes to the commit, they should also add their own Signed-off-by: line. By adding this line, contributor(s) certify that the contribution is made under the terms of the Developer Certificate of Origin.

  3. Send a pull request (PR) and work with us until it gets merged and published.