Compile Mbed TLS to a static library in Eclipse CDT


This tutorial will show how to compile Mbed TLS to a static .a library file in Eclipse CDT.


Download Mbed TLS

  • Download the latest version of Mbed TLS.

  • Unpack the downloaded file to a location of your choice, such as C:/MbedTLS.

Note: Avoid locations like Documents and Settings or Program Files (x86) because spaces and special characters in the path can cause problems in Eclipse.

Create the project

  • Start your Eclipse CDT environment by running eclipse.exe in the Eclipse installed directory.

  • Choose an appropriate directory for the workspace you would like to save your project.

  • You can close the Welcome screen if it pops up.

  • Create your new C project by choosing File > New C Project.

  • The C Project dialog pops up:

Eclipse new project popup

  • In the Project name field, enter your project name (for example, “Mbedtls”).

Note: Be aware that the compiler will automatically prefix your compiled static library name with lib in front of the project name. A project named Mbedtls will produce a libmbedtls.a library.

  • Leave Use default location checked.

  • In the Project Types box, select Static Library > Empty Project.

  • In the Toolchains box, choose your compiler (such as Cygwin GCC or MinGW GCC) and click Next.

  • The Select Configurations dialog appears.

  • Select both Debug and Release, then click Finish.

  • Your C project is now created.

Import Mbed TLS code into your project

In this step, you import the Mbed TLS code into the project and make it ready for compilation.

  • Inside the Project Explorer tree on the left side, right click on your project folder and click Properties.

  • A project properties window pops up.

  • Go to C/C++ > General Paths and Symbols and choose the includes tab.

  • Under Languages, select GNU C.

  • Add the Mbed include location and click Apply, then OK.

Since we are using a mixture of Windows- and Unix-based tools, we will encounter our first problem:

Option 1: Windows-style path: Windows-style path

If you add a Windows-style path like C:/mbed/include, project rebuilds will fail and make returns a multiple target error caused by the : character in your path. One solution is to always clean the project before a new rebuild.

Option 2: Cygwin-style path: Cygwin-style path

If you add a Cygwin-style path like /cygdrive/c/mbed/include Eclipse will warn you that the directory cannot be found, and all your includes get an unresolved warning. The project will compile anyway.

  • Right click on your project and click Import.

  • Choose General > Filesystem and Next.

Import Code

  • Navigate to the MbedTLS library folder

  • Select all the .c files

  • Click Finish.

Build your project

Your project is now ready to build.

  • Right click on your project folder.

  • Click Build project.

  • Your compiled lib .a file is located inside the Debug folder.